R  E  M  O  T  E    M  O  N  I  T  O  R  I  N  G    S  Y  S  T  E  M  S

"Monitors are an Immeasurable tool . . ."

"I was sold and willing to try the WESROC Monitoring System after reading other testimonials in propane magazines and meeting with the WESROC staff at the Western Propane Gas Association Convention in Reno, Nevada.

I use WESROC Monitors on all of my bulk satellite storage facilities which are up to 70 miles away from my main office. Previous to installing WESROC Monitors I spent a lot of time day after day traveling . . . just to get storage readings. Now I can manage my fuel storage tank levels right at my office and this makes my district more proficient.
I also installed the monitors on some of our dispensers which has increased delivery driver's efficiency and greatly improved the effectiveness of these accounts.

Our district has many seasonal homes so we are now offering WESROC Monitors to our customers. It's an easy sell when the clients find out we can monitor their propane tank and their home temperature.

In this tighter economy WESROC Monitors are an immeasurable tool that helps me to keep my district cost effective and has produced a great return on our company's investment."

Mark Brood
District Manager
Rocky Mountain Propane
"WESROC works for us!"